Sunday, 16 October 2016

Download IMO App For Windows Phone - Lumia

Download IMO App For Windows Phone - Lumia , Microsoft, Nokia : IMO is one of the biggest and the best app that you can get for yourself in today’s standards. The app is giving quite tough competition to all of the latest and already famous apps like that of facebook messenger, whatsapp, skype and also other big names like WeChat and also local start ups like Line, the app is also quite good in comparison to apps such as kik messenger and also other names like we happy messenger as well. 

Download IMO App For Windows - Microsoft, Nokia, Xolo, Samsung

IMO App For Windows Phone

The app is well designed with an extremely unique interface that compels me to use this app a lot more than usual. The main problem though is that there are not many users of this app in india and I think it’s the same case with the other countries as well. They probably have a welcome offer right now for all and it does offer you a lot of them for no money at all. IMO will work its ways to impress you and you can always have a lot fun using this app. 

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The app is packed with quite a lot of features with itself. So today let’s have our look at this app – 

  • The app offers you to have peer to peer message sending over the internet and you can get a lot much productivity through this app.
  • The app is quite good and it offers you to have video calling features for free too and also voice calls in some countries as well. 
  • The will work on any device that you prefer including iOS devices as well as devices with android OS and also windows phone along with the windows PC version. 
  • IMO includes a wide range of stickers that are acceptable from each and every messenger app on earth. 
  • The app will work without any errors in each and every platform that you can have. 
Download IMO App For Windows Phone - Lumia


Follow along with me these steps to download IMO app for the windows phone – 

  • First of all you need to open up the windows phone store.
  • Now you must search for the app on your device by typing in this name – 
  • Now select the best one and download and install the app by tapping on the download button.
  • Now you are good to go without any errors at all. 
  • What you can do is that follow this link 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How To Download IMO App For iOS - iPhone

How To Download IMO App For iOS - iPhone : Do you use the messaging service that is provided by the latest of all cellular network providers but in today's day that service really is quite old and charges you a lot of money as compared to other online services that can work well and for a very low cost at about negligible price. 

Services like the WhatsApp application works without hassles on all the smart phones these days so we tend to go on to use these services only instead of the other cellular available services. I tend to use the cellular messages sometimes for the sole fact that there's this possibility that the other person may not be using the already available internet services. 

How To Download IMO App For iOS

Download IMO App For iOS
Download IMO App For iOS
But today we're going to bring you the latest and one of the best services that are readily available for all our people who are reading this article. IMO is a good for all services. If you've been using WhatsApp and messenger services then you might be bored by those services as they are really monotonous sometimes as there is absolutely no change in the user interfaces as well. I personally find IMO app as it is a pretty good app in today's standards. 

The app can perform well if you have a lot of contacts who are already using the IMO app. 
IMO is one of the best alternative to the already available messaging apps that would namely be whatsapp and facebook messenger as well as the chat up messengers that are available to us all. I surely find it quite amazing as a matter of fact that most of us don’t even know of the fact that there is a messenger which is names as the imo app. 

The imo app has a lot many features with it so let’s have a look at some of them in the mean time –

  • IMO app is one of the best alternatives to whatsapp and facebook messengers. 
  • It has a wide user background and works well with just about any phone and even pc at times through many applications that are available to us. 
  • The app has a lot of servers and will never go down on you so easily and is just about useful as any other messaging service that is available to us.
  • Provides you all these services for absolutely no money at all and will work just about fine. 
  • The app itself has a well designed interface integrates with fast servers making it one of the best messaging app to use. 

My initial use of the app was quite painful as none of my friends didn’t even know about this one but later on I could find a way to convince my friends to use this app on their devices so that we could a connect and from there on I was able to have some good time talking to all my friends.


The app is quite useful and you can download it by following in these steps – 

  • Go to the app store. Or open this link in your iPHONE
  • Search for IMO messenger
  • Now you can easily download the app and also use it.


Monday, 25 April 2016

How To Install IMO Messenger App For Free

How To Install IMO Messenger App For Free : The IMO App empowers you visit with partners who utilize any of VKontakte, Hyves, MySpace, Chatter, Point/ICO, Facebook, Google Talk, Hurray Messanger, Skype and Microsoft talk administrations. IMO App needn't bother with you to first make a different account, not at all like most talk administrations. 

Install IMO Messenger App For Free

install imo app

What's more, you can alternatively record and send short sound clasps, while talking. In any case, you have to see how to set up your IMO before utilizing it. Talked about here is the means by which : 

You are required to enroll the current visit accounts that you need to use, subsequent to downloading and installing your IMO App. You additionally need to decide the accounts you need to interface together for prompt sign-on and survey the Inclinations settings. 

Install IMO Messenger 

  • Tail this manual for set up IMO App at first launch. 
  • Click on Apps and afterward IMO, on the Home screen 
  • Utilizing IMO App, Click on the symbol of an administration you need to get to. Prior to this, you should as of now have an account with the picked administration. 
  • Having picked the chosen administration, enter your username and secret word and snap SIGN IN. 
  • The talk account is included to the rundown the ME tab, if the sign-in is effective and you are signed into the account. 
  • Click on the ADD ACCOUNT catch to include different accounts and rehash steps 2 to 4. 
  • Discretionary : Click on the text next to your photo placeholder on the Agreements tab and pick a choice from the menu that appears, to change your present Accessibility, consequently keeping other individuals from asking for visits while you are setting up IMO App. 

Setting your Accessibility 

At the point when next you launch IMO App, it recalls your latest Accessibility. Henceforth, on the off chance that you need to sign in as Undetectable, select this choice before you log out. 

Click the photo placeholder on the Agreements tab, to include a photo that recognizes you amid visits, pick the put away picture you need to utilize, crop the picture as you wish by moving and resizing the blue choice rectangle and snap DONE. 

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In a circumstance where you have enlisted more than one talk account in IMO, join them by tapping the Connection ACCOUNTS catch on the ME tab. Marking you to on of the accounts naturally sign you to all the accounts, once the accounts are connected. 

Unlinking a Connected Account 

You can unlink certain accounts by tapping the account name on the ME tab and afterward tap on UNLINK ACCOUNT in the dialog box that appears. You can in any case sign into the unlinked accounts at whatever time you like by dragging its slider. Click on Erase to expel a picked account from IMO App. 

Would you like to set up your new IMO App at first launch? The tips to setting up IMO App at first launch above will help you.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

IMO App 8.1.7 Is Now Platform Friendly - Supports Every Platform

IMO is an instant messaging app which permits you to make voice, video, and the instant messages advantageously with loved ones. This doubtlessly implies you don't need to search for premium and in addition the paid administrations, for example, Skype, SMS, and Telephone calls. Be that as it may, you have to deal with your portable information arrangement. 

IMO App Download
New IMO App
The best thing about Imo messenger is its great administrations; you can make video and voice bring in better organizations when contrasted with alternate apps. Like Whatsapp, Imo additionally permits its dynamic clients to make and talk in gatherings. Its "stickers" incorporation makes it extraordinary from its rivals, and they offer you many Emoji stickers. 

Imo has as of late pronounced that it will cease all its outsider coordination because of the security worries and additionally its namesake of messaging help. At first impelled as a program based project, Imo got into the eyes of media subsequent to dispatching its own portable application for android and also the Ios stage. Along these lines, you won't get any future overhaul for the reconciliations, however the uplifting news is that this application has turned out to be more secure. 

Download Imo for PC 

Yes, you can download Imo on your PC. This activity was at first presented by the whatsapp messenger (whatsapp web), yet now Imo has likewise dispatched its windows adaptation. Therefor, you can utilize your most loved versatile messenger on your PC too. 

  • Boundless messages 
  • Great servers for voice and video calls 
  • Appealing and helpful gathering visit 
  • Sharing hosts are benevolent too 
  • Complete information encryption 
  • A wide range of stickers to express your emotions and in addition the state of mind 
  • Good with all the virtual stages 

In the new form of Imo app, the system issues are determined and they've additionally altered some bugs with respect to video calls. 

As indicated by the audits, it is the best application ever constructed with profoundly propelled video calling highlight. This app is unquestionably superior to anything the vast majority of the video calling apps, including Skype. These days, each cell phone accompanies a HD front camera; that is the reason individuals interest to have a decent video calling app which permits them to make top quality video calls without interference, and Imo did a great work in giving what individuals look to.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

IMO Messenger App Download For Android

IMO Messenger App Download For Android : imo messenger is a helpful app for your Android device as it houses the greater part of your IM accounts under one rooftop. This app permits you to stay in contact with companions from Skype, Yippee, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Point, MSN and some more. This app highlights quick informing, quality voice calls, simple to utilize interface, bunch informing, chat history, media connections, single log in for all IM accounts and some more.

IMO App Download For Android

IMO Messenger App
IMO Messenger App Android

Message and video chat with your friends and family for free, no matter what device they are on ! Some Other Cool Features In imo app are :

  • Avoid SMS and phone call charges: Send unlimited messages and make free video and voice calls over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection 
  • Make high-quality video and voice calls 
  • Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others
  • Share photos and videos
  • Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!
  • Encrypted chats and calls
  • Optimized for Android tablets
In spite of the fact that you can discover many texting apps on each stage, imo is our most loved on both iOS and Android. Three reasons: It's dead easy to utilize, it looks incredible, and it's free. The app underpins all the enormous names — Point, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yippee, and the sky is the limit from there—and sends messages rapidly and dependably. 

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That is not all that surprising. Be that as it may, where other IM apps make you pay for push notices, imo offers them to you for nothing. What's more, the smooth interface takes out numerous basic irritations. You can see initially which accounts are marked on, while a careful status bar tells you when every one of your accounts are up to speed — something other IM apps never let you know.

imo App Review - Free Video Calls And Text Messaging

There are a few advantages to speaking straightforwardly with other Imo clients, obviously. To be specific, the capacity to talk without content. In case you're chatting with someone else who likewise utilizes imo, you can desert the content box and move to a voice call or the fresh out of the box new video chat highlight. Voice calls work also to telephone calls, simply occurring over the 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi association that you have accessible. Sound was great, if not somewhat calm, but rather there was little issue amid our calls. 

IMOvidThe video chat has some hardened rivalry to tackle. Skype is clearly the enormous name in video correspondence, yet Google Home bases has pushed its way into the discussion with some great elements such as gathering video calls, and FaceTime is still the standard for iPhone and iPad. For Imo's first raid into the field, everything is going really well. 

IMO App Download
imo App Download

Our first ring endeavor finished slamming the app, yet that was the main time there was an issue. Calls were smooth, however a little pixelated on 3G, and notwithstanding when there was an incidental hiccup in the food such as the video solidifying, sound was kept in place. The app self-redressed without expecting to drop the call and begin once more. 

Imo gives you the choice to keep up your other correspondence even while in a video call, giving you access to your texts with an in-call menu. With everything taken into account, the calls were fruitful and for the most part issue free for a beta variant. On the off chance that there's one grievance, it's that the element is just accessible on Android at this moment and doesn't work cross-platform with iOS or desktop clients. Ideally cross platform backing is coming. 

On the off chance that you haven't given Imo a shot as a specialized device, it's an ideal opportunity to think of it as. Indeed, even without the expansion of video calls, the chat choices of Imo are so broad and comprehensive that there's possible not a platform you chat on that the app can't deal with. Understanding that all in one spot is a comfort that ought to be invited by every continuous talker or even occasional one that are tired of opening diverse apps for each chat inclination their companions have. 

The option of video chat, expecting it in the long run moves cross platform – and, however it's most likely a channel dream, possibly includes support for other video chat customers – could legitimize Imo as a go-to apparatus for all types of correspondence. 

You can download the beta form of imo messenger for Android for nothing from the Google Play Store.